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Abdominoplasty (tummy) Results

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a surgical procedure to correct a protruding or loose, sagging abdomen.  When excess fat is combined with loose, sagging skin and tissue, an Abdominoplasty removes unwanted fat, tissues and skin by excision.  Abdominal muscles that have weakened or separated can also be corrected with this surgical procedure.

Paradise Valley plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Beals and his staff perform Abdominoplasty procedures. Here are a few of Dr. Beals’ patients before and after plastic surgery photos of the Abdominoplasty procedure.

65 year old female / After photos were taken 6.5 months post-Abdominoplasty (Full).  Patient also had Liposuction of the Posterior Illiac Crest.

36 year old female / After photos were taken 8 months post-Abdominoplasty (Full).