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Dr. Beals knows the most important issue between a doctor and his patients is a deep rooted trust. Therefore, he and his staff will build your trust by keeping their commitments to you and your time, as well as treating you and your family with respect and support. We understand that every patient is an individual and that each patient has distinct and personal goals for the outcome of their procedure. Whether you’re a Scottsdale resident or from out-of-state, we’ll make you feel right at home.


Dr. Beals understands that each person or family he consults with has a unique set of circumstances and requirements that have brought them to his office. As a result, his objective is to get to know each patient and understand their goals. Dr. Beals views every patient as an individual and compassionately uses his experience and expertise to make specific recommendations to deliver the best possible outcome for each patient.


Dr. Beals believes that in order to be the best physician for his patients he must continue to learn and grow in his field. Dr. Beals is constantly searching out innovative and improved information, and he is well-educated in the most recent research, technologies and techniques pertaining to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Beals and his staff in Scottsdale take pride in the personalized and compassionate service we offer our patients. We work to identify each patient’s unique needs and we serve those requests as best we can. Whether you are interested in surgery, a procedure or want information about what the process will be like for you and your family, Dr. Beals and his staff can answer all of your questions. We want to help you make the best possible decision. Dr. Beals looks forward to meeting with you in a personal consultation to answer your questions and provide a recommendation to best meet your needs.