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Genioplasty (chin) Results

The appearance of your face is determined by three basic components: skin, soft tissues and underlying facial bones. If the structure of your face is disproportionate — the chin is recessed or the jaw undefined — it can significantly affect your self-image.  Genioplasty surgery is performed to improve the appearance of a person’s chin.  This can take the form of chin height reduction or chin rounding by osteotomy, or chin augmentation using an implant. If you’re considering a Genioplasty procedure and need a cosmetic surgeon in Paradise Valley, consider meeting with Dr. Beals and determine if you are good candidate for this procedure.

26 year old female / After photos were taken 6 months post-Advanced Genioplasty with Osteotomy & Lip Augmentation.  1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus was used to enhance the upper and lower lips.

31 year old female / After photos were taken 13 months post-Chin Augmentation using a chin implant.  (Patient also had an Open Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty).