Skin Care Reviews

  • Leah E.

    "Gina, I would like to thank you and Erin for the special pampering and care you took with our ladies. It is such an encouragement to them as they are on their cancer journey and Erin has been absolutely wonderful with the ladies. You and your staff are a blessing and a gift. Warmest Wishes."

  • Barb

    Age 53

    "I have been receiving monthly skin care treatments from Kerry for two years. The overall texture and appearance of my skin has improved dramatically. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and the consistent use of good home care products from the office has given my skin a healthy, smooth and hydrated appearance. I look forward to my treatments with Kerry, and only wish I had started skin care maintenance years ago!."

  • Ila

    Age 55

    "I started seeing Kerry 5 weeks before my surgery. The task was to prepare my skin for the chemical peel and to make it as healthy as possible so I would have a speedy recovery. With Kerry’s guidance and care, we succeeded so well that Dr. Beals and the care center’s nursing staff praised the glow and health of my skin after surgery. I was out into the world just 2 weeks later, looking still a little swollen, but radiant. I have continued to work with Kerry and the results are wonderful. My skin has never been so healthy, smooth, and glowing – better even than in my “younger” years!"

  • Judi

    Age 63

    "Since I started skin care treatments and home care products 11 months ago, my skin has improved immensely. I have seen a dramatic change in the texture of my skin. It looks a lot healthier and smoother than before. My pigmented areas have faded significantly and I have a more even skin tone. I am very pleased with the service Kerry provides. I look forward to my skin treatment appointments with her every month."

  • Kimberley

    Age 25

    "For over 10 years I had been using every other hair removal method available, like bleaching, waxing, and plucking. Then, I finally decided to use the laser technology because I trusted the medical advice and felt comfortable in the professional yet spa-like setting of the office. I am so glad I made the decision – I have been so incredibly pleased with it! I expected to have to go several times, and after only three visits, there is hardly any hair left, and even the acne and ingrown hairs have cleared up as well."

Cosmetic Procedures Reviews

  • Anonymous

    "Dr. Beals, I thought you might like to know what an influence you had on my life. There is one more goal I have, to go on a medical mission trip with. Thank you for being such an inspiration! Thank you for healing me! Blessings always."

  • Anonymous

    "Dr. Beals, I just wanted to thank you again for your kind heart and generosity throughout my surgeries! I was so thankful to have you there for me, your warm and kind heart was so comforting…I am so lucky to have such a special person like you in my life. Thank you again"

  • Anonymous

    "I wanted to thank you and your incredible team of specialists for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with us yesterday. As I wanted to educate the team on Michael's incredible progress, I had been sifting through pages of old reports these past few weeks prior to our appt. I found myself in disbelief of all that we have been through in these past 11 years. Although there were some new faces yesterday, it is with profound gratitude that you have been by our side the entire time and we are truly forever grateful for the gift that you .."

  • Carol

    Age 46

    "Dr. Beals is an absolute artist. He changed my body in a gentle natural way…just improving on nature. I now have more self confidence and self esteem. He also works miracles on my face. His Botox and collagen treatments have turned the clock back years! At 46 I recently was offered a modeling job with the prestigious Ford Robert Black Agency!...But, what is most special about Dr. Beals is that he makes me feel like I’m his only patient not just a number. I am never rushed and am allowed to ask and re-ask a million questions. I completely trust .."

  • Cynthia

    Age 40

    "For my 40th Birthday, my Mother surprised me with two amazing and memorable gifts….a surgery consultation with Dr. Beals AND surgery on my eyes (specifically, blepharoplasty or eye lid reduction surgery, an endoscopic brow lift, and a TCA peel on my lower lids). From the moment I arrived at Dr. Beals' office, I knew my experience would be positive and that Dr. Beals was the right surgeon for my procedures. He and his staff are professional, friendly, efficient and genuine in their commitment to meet the needs and .."

  • Ila

    Age 55

    "It took me over a half dozen interviews and almost a year of research before I found Dr. Beals. After our first meeting, I knew that this was one of the most skilled and caring surgeons in the city. And I was right. My lift is so natural that no one, not even my brother, realize that I’ve had any work done. And forget any telltale scars – there are none! During the entire process, before, during and after surgery, I received excellent, informed and considerate care. I couldn’t be happier with my results!"

Craniofacial Reviews

  • Anonymous

    "Dr. Beals, Thank you. I cannot express to you enough how grateful I am to you. Thank you for being so kind to me. This has been a long and emotional journey for me my entire life. I had just about given up on finding a doctor who knew anything about hemi-facial atrophy, and then I found you. I have thank God for that. Not only are you a truly skilled surgeon, you are a warm and kind person. I told you I’m ready to back out into the world and enjoy life again. I meant it, Dr. Beals, but I didn’t know at the time I would be as .."

  • Teenaged Patient

    "Dr. Beals, you are an amazing plastic surgeon and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. It’s been at least a year since my last surgery and I still look and feel amazing. Both me and my family are blessed to have you in our lives the past 15 years, and I would recommend you to anyone. I’ve never seen a doctor put as much time and energy into a patient the way you have and I truly can’t thank you enough.."

  • Family of Craniofacial Patient

    "Matthew is looking great! Thank you for all of your years of hard work. You have truly blessed our family & have an incredible gift from the Lord. God’s blessings in 2011 & always."

  • Family of Craniofacial Patient

    "Dear Dr. Beals- Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our son. We are so happy with the results of his surgery. We are fortunate that we got the chance to see you again. Jefferson says, “Dr. Beals is a good guy”. You truly are the best! Thank you so much!"

  • Mother of Craniofacial Patient

    "My 18 year old son, Ryan, was born with a severe form of Goldenhar Syndrome coupled with a Mid-Line Facial Cleft. Ryan has additional special needs. He has had several reconstructive surgeries and we are fortunate Dr. Stephen Beals has been his surgeon. Dr. Beals’ center has always been supportive, patient, and understanding of Ryan’s needs. For over 18 years, we’ve had positive experiences with Dr. Beals’ staff and they support his mission of improving the lives of people with craniofacial disorders. We associate with several .."

  • Parents of Craniofacial Patient

    "Dr. Beals & staff, Thank you so much for the super care that you gave to Brody! We are eternally grateful and words cannot express our appreciation! Dr. Beals you have an amazing God given talent and the difference that you make in your patients and their families lives are unexplainable! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts! God Bless."

  • Parents of Craniofacial Patient

    "At our first meeting with Dr. Beals we knew our precious baby girl would be in great hands. He has handled all of our office visits in a very professional manner and provided support and information for our daughter’s cleft palate. Our little girl is approaching three months and her first surgery. We have all the confidence in Dr. Beals and his team as we approach her surgery. This is our first child and we entered this experience with fear of the unknown, but Dr. Beals’ support and care has given us assurance that our little girl is in excellent care."

  • Parents of Craniofacial Patient

    "When we first met Dr. Beals we were devastated by our daughter’s syndrome. We feared what the future held for her. We wanted our daughter to get the same opportunities as any other child. Dr. Beals provided us with hope we needed to be able to accept and help our daughter cope with her syndrome. Dr. Beals has performed all of Syerra’s plastic surgeries. We no longer fear the outcome of her surgery, we now look forward to them. He always keeps us informed on each step he plans to take with her care. I trust Dr. Beals because he treats our .."